Always go for the yes

The answer is always “no” unless you ask. In so many negotiations it seems like if one side or the other knew how close they were to getting a deal, they would have made one more attempt. In my business home buyers say “If I knew that is what it would take to get that house, I would have paid that.” My question back to them is always, “Did the seller know that was your intention?” Usually the answer is no.

Here’s my thought on it, unless you ask, you never know. If you’re willing to pay $650,000 for the house you love, tell the seller, make sure they see that in your offer. If you want something, just ask. If you never ask, the answer is no, but if you ask you might have to do a little work to get what you want, but never assume someone will give you what you want. If you ask and they say no, ask what it would take to be a yes. You would be surprised at the number of negotiations I have been a part of where the original answer was no, and I asked what it would take to be a yes, and it was something simple.

I once represented a seller who was moving but their transaction on their new house didn’t work out, so they needed two more weeks to move out. When I asked for the extension, the buyer said no. I asked what it would take to be a yes and they came back and said they would let the seller stay if they left the garage refrigerator with the house. This garage refrigerator was worth a couple hundred dollars at most. The seller I represented gave up a garage refrigerator and then didn’t incur the expenses of a double move or finding temporary lodging with him and his dogs. Everyone won in that one, but only because I asked what it would take to be a yes.

Always go for the yes. Get creative with your ask, you will be surprised when you ask the question. Be curious in a negotiation, not combative, you will win almost every time.

David Mathewes

David Mathewes

David has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and knows that a team always outperforms a single agent. That is why he puts his clients first and makes sure to stay ahead of market trends. By taking the time to serve each client individually, David has been able to create returning and referral-based clients. When he's not helping clients buy or sell homes, David can be found exploring Denver, spending time with his family or looking for the next best place to enjoy a meal with friends!

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