What to be prepared for when buying new construction

Buying a brand new home is exciting! There are a few things that happen that often catch buyers off guard, here’s what you need to be ready for!

  1. There will be delays
  2. There are deposits that have to be paid before you close on the home
  3. It won’t be perfect every time you visit the home through the process
  4. There will be warranty work after closing
  5. It will be fun and stressful, but so worth it!

Before you wander into a sales center for a new home builder, just remember that the person who is working in that office works for the builder and their number one goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible with their company. Don’t go at it alone, make sure to bring your favorite real estate agent (me) along so that you don’t get into a situation that you regret.

David Mathewes

David Mathewes

David has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and knows that a team always outperforms a single agent. That is why he puts his clients first and makes sure to stay ahead of market trends. By taking the time to serve each client individually, David has been able to create returning and referral-based clients. When he's not helping clients buy or sell homes, David can be found exploring Denver, spending time with his family or looking for the next best place to enjoy a meal with friends!

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