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We’re all about making your life easier. Sometimes that means getting to know you and what is important for YOU in the process of selling your home, so we can provide a tailor-made solution just for YOU! There are three ways we can get your home sold (and every home owner has their favorite) but they’ll depend on what’s most important to you; let me show which one works best with YOUR situation, get started below. 

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The most efficient way to sell your home

Often referred to as a traditional listing, we will put your home on the open market and generate maximum exposure in order to create the best opportunity for you. 
Going on the open market with our team includes:

  • Professional Cleaning
  • Professional Window Cleaning
  • Professional Staging
  • Professional Photography and Virtual Tour
  • Your home’s own website, click here for example
  • Coming Soon Marketing 
  • Full Marketing Launch Plan
This plan usually nets the most amount of money to a homeowner, but also takes the most amount of time, effort and stress. There are other options below that may fit your needs better.

After I visit your home and verify the condition of the home I will coordinate getting multiple cash offers from local investors and institutional buyers from across the country. Most of my clients like this option because there is some flexibility on closing time frames and they appreciate the guarantee of a cash buyer. The convenience does come at a cost. Usually an institutional buyer will buy your home at a discount and will expect you to do some repairs so that it is ready for the rental market when you transfer ownership. 

This option is usually the easiest for home owners who own a proeprty and just need it sold. After I view the property, I will give you a cash offer that will close in 7 days. This is the most expensive way to sell your home, but the clients I have that take advantage of this offer are usually in a distress situation and need to sell the home quickly or they do not want to make the repairs required to enter the open market to get top dollar.