How to price your home to sell

There’s three ways to do it, price high, price low or price at market value. Which makes the most sense? Some will say high, some will say low and some will say at market value. I will tell you why I say just under market value is best.

The market today has trained buyers that sellers do not negotiate price down, only up. It has also trained buyers that mostly likely there’s already offers on the table. When a buyer is looking at your house with that mindset already and you are overpriced they will believe that they cannot buy your home because either you will not take a lower price or they are already buyers trying to buy it.

With the current mindset of buyers you have one chance to capture them, make it count!


David Mathewes

David Mathewes

David has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and knows that a team always outperforms a single agent. That is why he puts his clients first and makes sure to stay ahead of market trends. By taking the time to serve each client individually, David has been able to create returning and referral-based clients. When he's not helping clients buy or sell homes, David can be found exploring Denver, spending time with his family or looking for the next best place to enjoy a meal with friends!

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